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Bank Of Ireland sponsoring Rugby

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    Hi, I'll be 100% honest here... I have absolutely zero interest in rugby. Today I was speaking to an ex school mate and he starts going on about how great the rugby match was (Ireland v Italy) and I don't know how or why but we got into a (quick) discussion/debate about BOI sponsorship of the 4 provinces, he thinks it's great but I think it's wrong and a waste of money by a business that was bailed out by us tax payers spends god knows how many millions on this sponsorship. I get that businesses need to advertise or sponsor to try improve their income. My problem is that this is a bank we bailed out, spending all that money looking after their rugby buddies AND to try get people to bank with them instead of the other banks (that we also bailed out) who in return become less profitable. Then you have all these banks competing against each other spending all those millions on advertising when there all supposed to be struggling. Does it really matter which bank we bank with?


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