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Recommended female tattoo artists?

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    What's that you say?

    You're getting a tattoo, not going on a date?

    I hear you, but the other side to things is, quite frankly, I'd be pretty uncomfortable having some dude lean over me for about an hour with my chest exposed.

    If it was on my back or something, no problem. but I have an idea for my left anterior deltoid so, basically lateral upper chest.

    I'd simply be far more comfortable having a gal do it - and no, just to re-clarify, I'm not looking for a date or get anyone's number, it's simply a matter of comfort.

    Pretty standard, I have the font selected, the word position and size just needs to be clarified with a stencil and I'm G2G.

    Any good female tattoo artists around the country?

    I'm basically Dublin area but willing go to midlands or perhaps beyond if needs be.


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