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Dreadful plot miscalculation: MacPherson's "The Weir"

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    I just want to get something off my chest.

    For some time, I've been meaning to at least read Conor MacPherson's play "The Weir", I have done so now, and want to state that it suffers from a dreadful plot miscalculation which spoils it all for me.

    I also think it has a few other perfunctory elements, but these could perhaps be offset by some of its better moments, so my gripe doesn't concern them.

    Essentially this is a play about four stories from 4 of the 5 characters, tied together with decent banter. Essentially these stories have a paranormal event in their centre, and are only directly associated with the characters telling them, except in one case, where the event arises from a personal tragedy. Sorry .... but the difference in personal impact is too vast to thread in. It's a terrible miscalculation on the part of the playwright.

    I'm pretty angry it's been so successful. He also touches on themes that are handled far far better by Sam Beckett and William Trevor and Nanni Moretti.

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