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Sole Trader and PAYE employee at the same time

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    My wife is a PAYE employee. Recently, she started working as a sole trader as a "side" business. She doesn't expect to make much money out of the side business so most of her income will be from her PAYE employer.

    We registered her for Income Tax in the MyAccount website, and now she has an access to the ROS website.

    What is not very clear for me is, if she will have less than 5000€ taxable income from the side business, and make a normal living out of her day to day job, can she fill her taxes on the MyAccount website or does she have to do that on ROS now, via Form 11?

    I guess we should talk to an accountant about all this but since her income from the side business will be low and straightforward, we thought we could manage the taxes ourselves...

    If one of you guys could give us an opinion!



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