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Wardrobes overlapping windows?

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    Registered Users Posts: 728 ✭✭✭ Weyhey

    Does it look terrible to have the side of the wardrobes overlapping a window? Is it a no no?

    There is only about 40 cm gap between window and wall in a small bedroom (370 x 270 and wardrobe going on the 370cm wall) and we were originally thinking of getting the 100 x 201 x 36 cm pax wardrobe with the mirror hinged doors and leaving a small gap between end of wardrobe and external wall to slide curtains etc. but worry we would not fit much in due to the depth.

    If we went with the 56cm depth - would it look too out of place? I was thinking if we got the higher 100 x 236 x 58 it would definitely look too towering.

    Can't find too many photos online to see what it looks like but maybe there is a reason for that!


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