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Timber Shed Cladding Options

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    I am building a shed 5m x 4m, with a flat roof. Only 2 walls of this will be visible from the house and will be clad with shiplap or fancier stuff depending on prices. The other 2 walls will be about 0.5m from a tall hedge and not visible from house or from neighbours. If I can find a cheap enough cladding option for the 2 invisible walls I will splash out on something fancy for the visible walls. The wall frames are already made with 3x2, treated with Larsens. There will be 50mm rockwool between the studs and a breathable membrane on outside of this frame. The shed will be used as storage and as occasional workshop.

    What would be the cheapest cladding for the unseen walls that still prides good weatherproofing and a bit of soundproofing?

    Could I use roughsawn 6x1? Could I use sheets of OSB3 and cover with torch-on felt? I see others here have used PVC cladding straight onto battens but imagine there is little sound proofing here? I also heard of someone using PVC soffit board (€20 for 5m x 300mm) but imagine this also would need OSB beneath it?


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    You could use mgo board (e.g. multi-pro) instead of OSB to sheet the outside of the frame. It has good racking strength, is breathable and fire-resistant and will take paint (although that will compromise the breathability).

    I used it for an oil tank enclosure about three years ago and the painted finish still looks fine.

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    For the 2 hidden walls would you consider some type of metal cladding ? I like the grey corri which I used on a recent shed roof project. Do you really want to squeeze in and paint etc ?

    Mine was a lean-to in the corner of the garden and for the 2 walls I used these composite boards in slate grey:


    Fixed to vertical timber studs - not cheap but nice colour / texture and maintenance free.

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